Dreamlake is a multi-species play by post fantasy role play game.
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PostSubject: ----Powers----   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:52 pm

Creatures with powers are called "Supernaturals"

Powers are very prized to the creatures on DreamLake. However, very few have them.

You must ask Permission to have any powers on the 'Special Permission' Board. However, only your main character can be offered powers, unless i grant you them. Wait for an Admin, such as me, to reply. Don't forget to record it on the List of Powers board! If you lack putting powers on the list, and you try to use it, you won't be able to.

But there is an exception for a few characters, if you want another one of your characters to have a power, then ask on the special permission board and I may give you ONE. But only one.

****You may not ask permission to have a power if you are in a thread. I won't reply till it is over, (or I will say you can't use it until the thread is over)****

Please please don't copy someone else's power if it is extreamly uncommon (Like allows you to turn a beetle to a pink ballon O.o) That is just rude, and there will be consequences.

Also, if a regular creature sees a Supernatural, he/she has the choice to tell a lab worker, and they will try to catch that Supernatural for studies, this could include death.

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