Dreamlake is a multi-species play by post fantasy role play game.
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PostSubject: ---Packs----   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:51 pm

You may request to make a pack on the special permission board (I don't have to accept)

Packs have alphas, You may challenge the alpha, The alpha and alphess can both battle the challenger, however, the challenger cannot have a partner. If the alpha posts in OOC on the OOC board or on the Pack Board that they will be gone for so and so days, you may not challenge them. If the alpha doesn't reply back in 11 days notice, you are auto-matically the alpha.

Advantages of the Alpha

They do not have to reply to a challenger (And keep the pack) But they can't ignore all of them, if the alpha ignores the challenger three times in a row, the pack is taken over by the next challenger.

Alphas choose the battling rules for a challenger

Alphas can choose who is part of their pack, and who isn't. So they can rank members, kill members, and chase them out of pack lands.
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