Dreamlake is a multi-species play by post fantasy role play game.
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 ----Concepts of Death----

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PostSubject: ----Concepts of Death----   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:50 pm

When your character dies, it becomes a spirit. In order to bring your character back to life, you must go to your den, you will see a glass bottle with a minature character as a spirit that had died. You must take that bottle to One of the Charcters listed below (lets say Dream Lake). You will recieve a quest from her to bring the character back to life. DreamLake has a choice to deny the quest. (Spirits can go through objects, turn invisible, and use any powers they had as a living creature that didn't require touch, for spirits cannot touch anything.)

List of Life fetchers:
Currently no life fetchers
(We need life fetchers!)

During a battle, if you make a move that if hit, would kill, and the oppoment doesn't reply in 14 days, the character automatically gets hit and dies. (Unless the character stated in OOC or in the thread he/she would be out for a while) However, if you scratch the eye (or a simular move) and 14 days go by, it is not an auto-hit.

If a moderator sees cheating, reverse effects will happen on your character, so be careful!

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----Concepts of Death----
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