Dreamlake is a multi-species play by post fantasy role play game.
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 ----Character Rules----

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PostSubject: ----Character Rules----   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:49 pm

Your displayed name will be your main character, that character can have multiple, and even strong powers (under special permission)

Only two characters per account(main character, and regular character), however, I can give you another character for a reward, such as helping out, role playing so much, or very long posts, and of course, you can have a Character Claim.

You must check your name avalibility in the name check before your register.

If you do not have all your names in the list of Character section by January, March, May, July, September, and November, the names will be avalible.

No insects

No endangered or extinct animals

No humans

No sea creatures

No tiny animals

Your name may start with a symbol, just not a number. However, if the name (lets say Feather) is taken, you can't put {Feather} and get away with it. Or if {Feather} is taken, you may not register Feather.

****Some names are totally off limits, such as DreamLake****

You may have a made up creature as long as....
-It is the maximum of 3.5 feet
- It has no special powers or features (such as fire, strength, wings, poisoning gas, etc.)
-You put it's description and made up species name in Name check.
(Larger creatures need special permission)

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----Character Rules----
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