Dreamlake is a multi-species play by post fantasy role play game.
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 Dreams Can Come True

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PostSubject: Dreams Can Come True   Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:26 pm

Kara trotted on dark gray paws, cautiously searching for any lab technitions. She stopped and tilted her head down. Nope. None. Not a living soul. With that, she jump in the air and flew winglessly to the top of a building. Yep... she was a Supernatural. Beautiful light blue eyes scanned as far as she could see. Then she flew to a tall building, about 40 stories high. Then Kara walked to the edge and looked off of it. With a wag of her tail, she jumped off of the building. Now that was suicide, right? Nope. Right when she was about to hit the ground, she flew a few feet up and gently landed on the street. A smile spread across her face. It wasn't often a Supernatural could relieve themselves without being afraid. But Kara was the strongest willed Supernatural, just go for it, that was her motto. Actually, it was dreams can come to.

She looked up to the sky at the partially cloudy sky. It was a beautiful warm day, but Kara liked the cold more, and she wouldn't have to wait long until the leaves turned brown and fell off the trees, and the starless skies turned to white speckled beauty. Kara looked back down and yawned. Now she had had her fun. There wasn't much to do in this empty city. Kara sat on her rink and imagined a Land full of animals pushing through traffic to get somewhere, where Supernaturals were hidden better, but in more danger. Kara smiled at the thought, that would be a great time indeed.
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Dreams Can Come True
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