Dreamlake is a multi-species play by post fantasy role play game.
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 ----Character Claims----

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PostSubject: ----Character Claims----   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:54 pm

On the section, "Character Claims", their will be a list of names, with their sex, species, and job. You may claim up to ten of those, however, you cannot change their job, species, name, or sex. And those characters dedicate their lives to their job it seems.

If you fail to follow these rules, the character claimed will be taken away and back up for grabs.

If you loose a character claim, 100 Suro will be lost per Character Claim lost.

These characters may not have any powers and if killed, will not be a spirit. They will just no longer be there, and the name is replaced.

There are advantages to having these characters, however. First of all, they get Suro from their job. Also, they can create machinery and keep it or sell it. But they also help you OOC wise, the more you role play with these characters, the more Suro I give your main character! And if you Character Claim discovers something about a Supernatural, or invents something, your main character, along with the character claim, gets bonus Suro!
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----Character Claims----
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