Dreamlake is a multi-species play by post fantasy role play game.
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 Rules and Play

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PostSubject: Rules and Play    Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:01 pm

----SITE RULES----

No Sexual and/or pornographic content
No Hateful or abusive content
No Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
No Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other illicit substance
No Copyright infringment / hacking
No Spam / phishing and/ or malware website
No Credit card fraud

----How to RP----

This is a Play-By-Post RPG (Role Play Game) Everything you post here (other than OOC) Is past tense.

Incorrect- DreamLake walks into the clearing
Incorrect- DreamLake will walk into the clearing
Correct- Dreamlake walked into the clearing

Respect other players at all times. In other words, if they are wrong, nicely tell them what they are doing wrong. Rather than yelling.

----Character Rules----

Your displayed name will be your main character, that character can have multiple, and even strong powers (under special permission)

Only two characters per account(main character, and regular character), however, I can give you another character for a reward, such as helping out, role playing so much, or very long posts, and of course, you can have a Character Claim.

You must check your name avalibility in the name check before your register.

If you do not have all your names in the list of Character section by January, March, May, July, September, and November, the names will be avalible.

No insects

No endangered or extinct animals

No humans

No sea creatures

No tiny animals

Your name may start with a symbol, just not a number. However, if the name (lets say Feather) is taken, you can't put {Feather} and get away with it. Or if {Feather} is taken, you may not register Feather.

****Some names are totally off limits, such as DreamLake****

You may have a made up creature as long as....
-It is the maximum of 3.5 feet
- It has no special powers or features (such as fire, strength, wings, poisoning gas, etc.)
-You put it's description and made up species name in Name check.
(Larger creatures need special permission)

----About Battling----

Some choose to battle as others choose to stay out of danger. When you are in a battle, at the beginning of each battle, one must require the following:

Auto-hit On or Off
Death- On or Off
(however, the oppoment must agree to these terms)

Power Play is prohibited

Power play is where one character dodges every single move the enemy has made, making it unfair to the other.


Auto-hit is where you make your character automatically hit the oppoment.
- Auto-hit(On)
Feather bit DreamLake in the neck.
Feather atempted to bite DreamLake in the neck.

'DreamLake' can choose to dodge the attack or take damage (not nessasarily in the neck) in the next post

----Concepts of Death----

When your character dies, it becomes a spirit. In order to bring your character back to life, you must go to your den, you will see a glass bottle with a minature character as a spirit that had died. You must take that bottle to One of the Charcters listed below (lets say Dream Lake). You will recieve a quest from her to bring the character back to life. DreamLake has a choice to deny the quest. (Spirits can go through objects, turn invisible, and use any powers they had as a living creature that didn't require touch, for spirits cannot touch anything.)

List of Life fetchers:
Currently no life fetchers
(We need life fetchers!)

During a battle, if you make a move that if hit, would kill, and the oppoment doesn't reply in 14 days, the character automatically gets hit and dies. (Unless the character stated in OOC or in the thread he/she would be out for a while) However, if you scratch the eye (or a simular move) and 14 days go by, it is not an auto-hit.

If a moderator sees cheating, reverse effects will happen on your character, so be careful!


You may request to make a pack on the special permission board (I don't have to accept)

Packs have alphas, You may challenge the alpha, The alpha and alphess can both battle the challenger, however, the challenger cannot have a partner. If the alpha posts in OOC on the OOC board or on the Pack Board that they will be gone for so and so days, you may not challenge them. If the alpha doesn't reply back in 11 days notice, you are auto-matically the alpha.

Advantages of the Alpha

They do not have to reply to a challenger (And keep the pack) But they can't ignore all of them, if the alpha ignores the challenger three times in a row, the pack is taken over by the next challenger.

Alphas choose the battling rules for a challenger

Alphas can choose who is part of their pack, and who isn't. So they can rank members, kill members, and chase them out of pack lands.  


Breeding can take place in any season.

You may not breed one of your characters with another one of your characters. If you do this several times, ignoring the warnings, your character may become sterile! (unable to have pups)

You may breed, lets say, a wolf and a fox together ONLY by special permission. However, there is a conscept to this, don't be surprised if you get little to no offspring, maybe with defects.

All must wait one month between breedings.

The max offspring amount is 8 offspring (this is rare)

When you and your partner are ready for a litter, you must follow these instructions:

-Go to the 'Litter Trail' Board
-OOC, you post asking for a litter
-One of my admins will reply at some point giving results

*If you are an admin for the litter trail board, and your asking for a litter, a different admin must reply, not you.*

*Don't be mad at your results, for they are 100% random*

List of Defections:

-Sterile (unable to breed)
-Stillborn (born dead, automatically a spirit)
-blind (unable to see, this could be either eye or both)
-mute (cannot speak)
-deaf (unable to hear, this could be either ear or both)
-Premature body part (no leg, short leg, long leg, etc.)
-Rare defects (beneficial and not)


Creatures with powers are called "Supernaturals"

Powers are very prized to the creatures on DreamLake. However, very few have them.

You must ask Permission to have any powers on the 'Special Permission' Board. However, only your main character can be offered powers, unless i grant you them. Wait for an Admin, such as me, to reply. Don't forget to record it on the List of Powers board! If you lack putting powers on the list, and you try to use it, you won't be able to.

But there is an exception for a few characters, if you want another one of your characters to have a power, then ask on the special permission board and I may give you ONE. But only one.

****You may not ask permission to have  a power if you are in a thread. I won't reply till it is over, (or I will say you can't use it until the thread is over)****

Please please don't copy someone else's power if it is extreamly uncommon (Like allows you to turn a beetle to a pink ballon O.o) That is just rude, and there will be consequences.

Also, if a regular creature sees a Supernatural, he/she has the choice to tell a lab worker, and they will try to catch that Supernatural for studies, this could include death.


Money is called Suro §    

You can get Suro several ways, by Role playing, being a member, friends, and more.

You Suro will be displayed on your profile.

----Homes and work----

Your creature may own a house, but must pay for it monthly, see expenses thread.

If your character fails to pay for their house, it will be foreclosed, and they will be forced to live in a den in the dangerous Forrest.

Your creature may also work, but must be hired by a worker (Character claims) and can get fired. Workers do have pay days often. Amount of Suro varies on job and rank.

----Character Claims----

On the section, "Character Claims", their will be a list of names, with their sex, species, and job. You may claim up to ten of those, however, you cannot change their job, species, name, or sex. And those characters dedicate their lives to their job it seems.

If you fail to follow these rules, the character claimed will be taken away and back up for grabs.

If you loose a character claim, all Suro will be lost

These characters may not have any powers and if killed, will not be a spirit. They will just no longer be there, and the name is replaced.

There are advantages to having these characters, however. First of all, they get Suro from their job. Also, they can create machinery and keep it or sell it. But they also help you OOC wise, the more you role play with these characters, the more Suro I give your main character! And if you Character Claim discovers something about a Supernatural, or invents something, your main character, along with the character claim, gets bonus Suro!   
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Rules and Play
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